The challenges of sustaining a cultural society with multiple contributors @ Shared Digital Futures, Wien

Fri, 14/06/2013 - 6:00pm - 8:00pm
Kunsthalle Wien, 1070 Vienna, Austria

From Free Software to Wikipedia, from Alpine meadows to new urban gardens, the commons are increasingly identified as an alternative mode of production; a model which rather provides use-value to communities than exchange-value to markets. However, immediately the question of how to finance these commons is raised. If this is to be sustainable beyond certain niches, there is a need to raise money outside the commodities exchange market. State support plays a role, but cannot provide the main funding. A new regulatory framework needs to find a balance of interests to maintain and expand the commons. Different models of how to address this question will be investigated with a focus on the field of art and culture. How to realize the benefits of a commons and what are pitfalls to be avoided?

The talk will address this issue from the perspective of resource pooling schemes for sustaining creative activities in a world where sharing digital works between individuals is recognized as a fundamental cultural right.

More information is at the Shared Digital Futures event site