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This site has been developed by Gérald Sedrati-Dinet at Sopinspace. It is powered by free software: the Drupal CMS (with a customized Zen sub-theme), the co-ment® text annotation software and Web service, the ASCIIMathML library and our own code in Python.


We have drawn much inspiration from the site put together by Camille Landais, Thomas Piketty,  Emmanuel Saez and their collaborators for their book Pour une révolution fiscale.

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You can visit this site without providing personal data. The site collects statistics on visits (using the Piwik software). For commenting on the book chapters, or to upload diversity of attention datasets so as to run our analysis software on them and to share them with other researchers, you must register on the site which requires providing a valid email. This email will be used only for the puepose of providing this functionality. Privacy on this site is regulated by the French Loi 78-17 du 6 janvier 1978 sur l’informatique, les fichiers et les libertés as revised by the Loi of 6 August 2004

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